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We offer quality Motorola radios programmed to your frequency* in our Radio Rental Program.  Whatever your specific two-way radio rental needs are, we have the radios you need at a price that won't break your budget.


Number of units Daily Weekly Monthly
1-6 $ 8.00 ea. $ 46.00 ea. $ 165.00 ea
7 - 12 $ 6.00 ea. $ 38.00 ea $ 135.00 ea
13 or more $ 4.00 ea. $ 32.00 ea $   80.00 ea
Extra Battery $ 2.00
Ear phone w mini lapel mic $ 2.00
Headsets w mic $ 2.00
Mega phones $ 5.00
Choice of pocket or multi rack chargers available  
* Reserve units well in advance of event to confirm availability
* As about discount rates for large quantities
* We will ship out of state with approved account
* We accept all major credit cards
* Whatever your rental needs; contact John Velez at 888-726-7234

*There is an additional charge of $1.50 per radio for reprogramming to customer specific frequencies

Rental Rates subject to length of rental